Guys, I know there's a lot of heartache for the missing relist button, but check out this simple @list hack. #List
  1. On the list you'd like to relist, click "Share" and then "Copy List URL"
  2. Create a new list of your own, and paste the URL into the subject line.
    Don't worry, this URL will convert to the title of the list, once posted.
  3. Append the subject with the letters [RL] in brackets to indicate that this is a relist.
  4. In the description, include the original lister's (OL) handle, original post date, date you first saw the list, and indicate whether you liked, saved or commented on the post.
  5. In the body of the list, pull out keywords, outstanding quotes, and hilarious gifs from the original list.
  6. Also, add your own thoughts.
    REMEMBER: this is YOUR relist!
  7. Hit "publish" and watch the likes and re-relists roll in.