1. "Oh, this necessary medical procedure means I'm in debt the rest of my life? That's fine. Nobody tells me how to healthcare!"
  2. "Gary, is your water brown? My water's brown. And smells like petroleum. Huh. I guess that's freedom."
  3. "Gentlemen, today I am introducing a bill that will once and for all protect semi-automatic weapons as historical landmarks and/or an endangered species..."
  4. "Listen: I know I know I know I know ... but what if corporations WERE people?"
  5. "Yeah, I know I know I know I know ... but what if embryos WERE people?"
  6. "Of course, yes, I know ... but what if gays WEREN'T people?"
  7. "Yes, yes, I get it, "business conflicts" ... but what if we DIDN'T have an independent ethics committee?
  8. "No, I see your point, but what if we GOT RID OF scientific data? And scientists."
  9. "No, yeah, definitely ban all Muslims, totally—but what if we let SOME in who we do big business with?"
  10. "No, actually, this is perfect: what if we say, 'No, yeah, it's totally a rigged system," and then make it a bunch harder for ppl to vote?"