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    "Oh, this necessary medical procedure means I'm in debt the rest of my life? That's fine. Nobody tells me how to healthcare!"
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    "Gary, is your water brown? My water's brown. And smells like petroleum. Huh. I guess that's freedom."
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    "Gentlemen, today I am introducing a bill that will once and for all protect semi-automatic weapons as historical landmarks and/or an endangered species..."
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    "Listen: I know I know I know I know ... but what if corporations WERE people?"
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    "Yeah, I know I know I know I know ... but what if embryos WERE people?"
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    "Of course, yes, I know ... but what if gays WEREN'T people?"
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    "Yes, yes, I get it, "business conflicts" ... but what if we DIDN'T have an independent ethics committee?
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    "No, I see your point, but what if we GOT RID OF scientific data? And scientists."
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    "No, yeah, definitely ban all Muslims, totally—but what if we let SOME in who we do big business with?"
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    "No, actually, this is perfect: what if we say, 'No, yeah, it's totally a rigged system," and then make it a bunch harder for ppl to vote?"