Can't sleep? The End Times got you down? Try watching movies backwards! #Quiz #Film
  1. A man spends the final moments of the film chasing after a rock, and, unsuccessful, must put back the gold he has stolen.
  2. Terrorists finish construction of an L.A. office building just in time for a Christmas party.
  3. A sports agent with only one client breaks up with his girlfriend and her be-speckled son, leading to a new job at an agency where he picks up several more clients, but has to work with his ex.
  4. The main character leaves his factory job to return home to live with his widowed mother and grandparents.
  5. A dancer cures her insanity by sleeping with Mila Kunis.
  6. A rock band moves from fame to obscurity, utilizing a series of zombie drummers to fill in at gigs.
  7. A woman becomes disillusioned with her husband and seven step-children, leaving them for the peace and solitude of a convent.
  8. The title character escapes the clutches of an evil king, returns a medal to where it belongs and goes back to his simple life as an apartment building handyman.
  9. A clown escapes jail, negotiates the repair of a barge, builds a hospital as a volunteer nurse, and removes a pencil from someone’s eye.
  10. A man ages normally in a world where everyone else ages backwards.
  11. Pamela recovers from decapitation, heals a bunch of camp counselors, puts out fires, and gets a job as a cook at the local camp.
  12. Two friends return lavish purchases in order to fill a briefcase up with money, leave Colorado, save a man from dying of poison, and find jobs in Rhode Island as a limo driver and pet groomer.
  13. Two friends collect the ashes of their friend in a coffee can, put out a car fire, steal a briefcase of undies, and return a rug to a grumpy millionaire in order to help reattach his wife’s big toe.
  14. A group of animals get fed up with dancing lemurs, lock themselves up in boxes, and ship themselves to a zoo.
  15. A Vietnam War veteran named John heals people with his magic bullet vacuum.
  16. The main character finds a whole bunch of free people in the desert, takes them to Egypt, seals them behind a wall of water and makes them slaves.
  17. A martial arts champion becomes a wimp and ends up moving back to Jersey.
  18. A guy escapes from a storm by breaking into a prison to hang out with Morgan Freeman.
  19. A group of kids set a series of traps that eventually lead to the capture of Jake Fratelli.
  20. A cranky writer warms up and learns to love his wife and annoying son again while snowbound in the worst-run ski resort ever.
  21. An old guy flies into town, hides behind a curtain and then forces a small group to go their separate ways.
  22. A girl becomes so unpopular in high school, she has to move to Africa.
  23. A girl recovers from a near-fatal heart condition, suffers a romantic breakup, and ends up moving back in with her sister.
  24. A man gives up his love of crime and cocaine to fulfill his dream of becoming a dishwasher and moving to Cuba.
  25. A girl receiving pastoral care is ravaged by illness, but begins to feel better after eating split pea soup.
  26. A crazy street person in a gang turns his toiletry-making business into a more conventional job working for a large car manufacturer.
  27. It's the uplifting story of an amputee who finds an arm out in the desert.
  28. An oblivious man-child makes his way back home from Hollywood, via Texas, before storing his bike safely and then dreaming of the Tour de France.
  29. ANSWERS:
    1. Raiders of the Lost Ark 2. Die Hard 3. Jerry Maguire 4. Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 5. Black Swan 6. This Is Spinal Tap 7. The Sound of Music 8. Wreck-It Ralph 9. The Dark Knight 10. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 11. Friday the 13th 12. Dumb and Dumber 13. The Big Lebowski 14. Madagascar 15. Rambo 16. The Ten Commandments/Price of Egypt 17. The Karate Kid 18. The Shawshank Redemption 19. The Goonies 20. The Shining 21. The Wizard of Oz 22. Mean Girls 23. Frozen 24. Scarface
  30. ANSWERS:
    25. The Exorcist 26. Fight Club 27. 127 Hours 28. Pee-Wee's Big Adventure