Hollywood's hottest news, now in #Quiz form! #Film
  1. What actor, who was the voice of Hades in the Disney film Hercules, rushed the stage of the Writers Guild Awards for a light-hearted moment with his more liberal Twitter foe, Patton Oswald?
  2. New Line has set a release date for The Nun, yet another spin-off film from what horror film franchise that also includes Annabelle and Anabelle 2, as well as last year’s sequel?
  3. In the not-too-distant-future, Dark Horse will publish a new comic book based on what tv comedy series that critiqued B-movies?
  4. HBO is picking up the documentary The Last Five Years, following the end of what rocker’s life and the making of his final album, Blackstar?
  5. Jon Favreau announced that Donald Glover will play Simba in the upcoming live action version of The Lion King, and what veteran actor will reprise his role as Mufasa?
  6. J.J. Abrams surprise-announced a new series, called Castle Rock, from what horror writer—which will run on Hulu?
  7. What British actress, who appeared in Disney’s Bedknobs and Broomsticks, will also appear in the upcoming Mary Poppins Returns?
  8. The subjects of the Oscar-nominated documentary White Helmets will be able to attend the Academy Awards, despite being from what war-torn nation which is the focus of Trump’s ordered travel ban?
    1. James Woods 2. The Conjuring 3. Mystery Science Theater 3000 4. David Bowie 5. James Earl Jones 6. Stephen King 7. Angela Lansbury 8. Syria