Hot, fresh #Film #Quiz
  1. What The Skeleton Twins actress won a Razzie recently for worst supporting actress in Zoolander 2?
  2. Two Mattel-branded, levitating sci-fi props featured in what 1989 film will be auctioned off this month?
  3. Patrick Stewart announced that what film is his last performance as Charles Xavier?
  4. What international accounting firm admitted to handing Warren Beatty the wrong envelope, causing La La Land to be incorrectly announced as The Oscars’ Best Picture winner?
  5. What rapper bought out every showing of Jordan Peele’s Get Out movie at a Chicago theater this weekend, and then gave the tickets away to the first fans to show up?
  6. Jimmy Kimmel continued his personal feud with Matt Damon, criticising him about giving up the lead in Manchester by the Sea for what movie, that Kimmel called Damon’s “Chinese Ponytail movie”?
  7. Bill Paxton, who got his big break in what 1985 Anthony Michael Hall film, passed away recently from surgery complications?
  8. Keegan Michael Key will join Oscar Isaac in an off-Broadway version of what Shakespeare play, with Key playing the role of Horatio?
    1. Kristen Wiig 2. Back to the Future II 3. Logan 4. PricewaterhouseCoopers 5. Chance the Rapper 6. The Great Wall 7. Weird Science 8. Hamlet