To get the full effect, you'll want to have this track on Spotify loaded and ready to play: https://open.spotify.com/track/1zuKjpp4t7BS8JPKi6mkQr #Music
  1. The year was 2013, and I was in Washington state, just outside of Seattle.
    If you take the scenic route from the airport, it looks like this.
  2. It was Memorial Day weekend, and I was at this festival.
    Yes, this is a timely list. You're welcome.
  3. It has a main stage that overlooks this.
    They call it The Gorge. It's gorge-ous.
  4. I had heavily pre-loaded in the parking lot before the gates opened and was walking around all day in a chef's hat and a "World's Best Dad" apron.
    I may have had conversations with several of you. I can't remember.
  5. Near the end of the day, I laid down and closed my eyes in front of the main stage, waiting for The Postal Service to come on—when all of a sudden—I heard these sounds echoing over the gorge:
  6. (Hit play on Spotify NOW and then lay on the ground and close your eyes!)
  7. These haunting tones, coursing through my body.
    I finally woke up halfway through the third song to see what kind of warlock was generating this magic.
  8. Check out the whole album. It's worth your time.
    Also, get out to Sasquatch if you can. It's the most beautiful concert space I've ever seen.