I was blown away to receive an adequate mailing from absolutely one of my favorite active Listers for the holidays. #Holidays
  1. Had to pay a bit for the remaining postage. LOL. Hilarious!
  2. So, he included a torn-out Cathy comic instead of a more personalized note! 😊
  3. Interesting...packaging...
  4. Oh cool, a mini USB cord. Like my old phones used to use.
  5. This glass head from Pier 1. Heavy!
  6. Ok, some sock liners? 😳 V PRACTICAL.
  7. I guess he wanted me to have a sweet, uh, leftover treat. And he thought that treat should be generic, peanut butter taffies.
  8. A book of love coupons, but with all the sexy, redeemable coupons crossed out and "Good for One FREE List Request" scribbled in permanent marker. Well, I can definitely use those. 💡
  9. Oh, cool. For ... pooping.
  10. Some assorted kitchen utencils, maybe from a recent move??
  11. So thankful for this great community and um people who still, you know, know how the postal system works!💕💕