1. ✨ magic hour ✨ ...waiting til prime time to post your lists
    for me it's 11pm or 6am .. basically when LA is waking up or needing a 3pm List-hit! Most of my prime time lists are drafted first!
    Suggested by @jessicaz
  2. Tagging @bjnovak so that @bjnovak knows that you wrote your list with @bjnovak in mind
  3. Freaking out when 6 minutes have gone by and no one has liked your new post yet
  4. Liking and then relisting, but never relisting without liking
  5. Losing your draft edits on this list when you surfed away because somebody liked that list
  6. Making your list public because you couldn't think of enough bullet points
  7. Refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh...
  8. Getting excited for ➕ or a List Request
    Suggested by @k8zinker