Scribbled in Sharpie: "For April 18, 2016. Bring hat." #Politics
  1. Wow, What a Crowd!
  2. Do We Love Our Police?
  3. We've Got Big Problems.
  4. Get Him Out of Here!
  5. What's Up With (Current Viable Rival)? SAD!
  6. We're Gonna Build That Wall. It'll Be a Great Wall.
  7. Get Him Out of Here! (Reprise)
  8. The Media (Loves or Hates) Me! Very (High or Low) Energy!
  9. Bring (Planned Anecdotal Stereotype) Up Here!
  10. I'm Gonna Make America Great Again!
  11. ENCORE: Yeah, We're Gonna Build That Wall!
  12. ENCORE: And Mexico's Gonna Pay for It!
  13. ENCORE: And Guess What, It Just Got 10 Feet Taller!