1. Yo mama so fat, I LITERALLY thought she was the Museum of Modern Art. Not even kidding.
  2. Yo mama so dumb, she tried to plug a USB cable into the HDMI slot of her television. Can you imagine?
  3. Yo mama so lazy, she's stayed with @AOL for, like, what, 20 years now? Email's free these days, get the memo.
  4. Yo mama so ignorant, she finds it difficult to navigate Twitter, what with all the fragmented conversations taking place and the jargon being used.
  5. Yo mama so thirsty, she's constantly offering you like twenty different drink options at dinner when you're home from college for the weekend and JUST ALMOND MILK, MOM, jeezus.
  6. Yo mama so old, she thinks a newspaper and some coffee are a nice way to start off a quiet morning. QUIT TRYING TO MAKE A FOLGERS COMMERCIAL HAPPEN, MOM.
  7. Yo mama such a freak, she occasionally steals a kiss from you father when they're cooking Thanksgiving dinner together. Who does that??
  8. Yo mama so ugly, she still wears clothes that made her feel pretty in her mid-to-late 30's. 😭
  9. Yo mama so lucky to have you, honestly.