1. Fighters must provide their own theme music on cd or MP3.
  2. Fight Club dues must be paid by the 25th of every month. Delinquent payment may result in fighter suspension.
  3. No shaving or waxing in the Fight Club showers.
  4. Please return found teeth to Sandra at the front desk.
  5. The 2016-2017 Fight Club team photo will be taken May 23.
  6. No hover boards.
  7. If you do find yourself talking about Fight Club, please refer to the talking points located in the Branding Toolkit folder on the shared drive.
  8. If any two members of Fight Club are in a relationship, please make sure to fill out a relationship form with PR
    Suggested by @gus7464
  9. Please sign up for the Fight Club Winter Potluck, by Nov 1st. And indicate whether you're bringing a casserole or side dish.
    Suggested by @ameliaville
  10. Have fun and be yourself
    Suggested by @danika