1. So, I've had enough musical convos with Li.sters to know that music is life around here.
  2. I thought it would be SUPER FUN to convert some of those inspired moments into a real-life, listenable playlist.
  3. So, I'll introduce a new song to the playlist with every 🎧 list I list, and include a little background.
    Not too much background. Ain't nobody got time for that.
  4. You can check out the playlist here, and don't forget to FOLLOW it:
  5. It has no songs in it as of this posting because I'm a stickler for rules and a society without rules would be chaos. But it will soon.
  6. And because I'm the curator, you can fully expect the playlist to be full of 👏🏽 🦄 🔥🍭🛎⏱.
  7. Headphones on.
  8. Let's go.