1. "Steve," if that is even his real name, listed an excellent collection of songs dedicated to, um, ya know...👉🏼👌🏾...in the summertime.
  2. (What is it with you guys and your musical 🍌 and 🌮 lists?)
  3. Steve, Michael and I agreed that another artist producing sexy emoji music was Washed Out.
  4. You might already know "Feel It All Around" as the Portlandia theme song.
  5. It is the quintessential summer-evening-diving-along-the-beach-with-the-top-down track.
  6. A bassline so smooth and pulsing...
  7. it's perfect for putting your 🌽
  8. into someone's 🍯.
  9. And, for Michael, maybe for the first time.
  10. (@TQ thinks you'll like the second album, too, for makin' out: https://li.st/l/1TeLwouJJ45SjoMYLPNoff)
    No word on how good the second album is for your 🌶 or your 🍑.
  12. "Gorgeous" - X Ambassadors
    Not sure what they're selling, but I'm buying.