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    Chrissy was sharing a pretty common fear: a fear of terrible song remixes.
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    And it's a valid concern. So many would-be deejays, hasty producers, and 13-year-olds with Garageband have created a glut of half-baked and uninspired song remixes.
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    So I wondered what would blow her mind.
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    Enter Girl Talk, the musical version of a Ninja® Professional Blender.
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    The best musical riffs from the past 40 years, masterfully mixed into a green smoothie that is equal parts nostalgic walk down memory lane and club jam.
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    (Go ahead, try to count the number of musical references.)
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    And the whole album is a danceable musical time capsule.
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    Even @NumbahTwo had his mind melted as an innocent bystander. So, you've been warned.
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    "I Want You Back - Z-Trip Remix" - The Jackson 5
    A classic, made 200% more funky with a new backbeat and bassline.
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    "Yes Yes Yes (Eric Enger Remix)" - Elsinore
    Local (to me) band who got a very head-nod-able facelift.
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    "BIT RATE VARIATIONS IN B-FLAT (Girl - remix by Paza)" - Beck
    A familiar Beck song that got the Nintendo tune-up.
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    "Black Widow - Vice Remix" - Iggy Azalea
    A crunchy remix with one of the best bass drops in recent memory.
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