1. Chrissy was sharing a pretty common fear: a fear of terrible song remixes.
  2. And it's a valid concern. So many would-be deejays, hasty producers, and 13-year-olds with Garageband have created a glut of half-baked and uninspired song remixes.
  3. So I wondered what would blow her mind.
  4. Enter Girl Talk, the musical version of a Ninja® Professional Blender.
  5. The best musical riffs from the past 40 years, masterfully mixed into a green smoothie that is equal parts nostalgic walk down memory lane and club jam.
  6. (Go ahead, try to count the number of musical references.)
  7. And the whole album is a danceable musical time capsule.
  8. Even @NumbahTwo had his mind melted as an innocent bystander. So, you've been warned.
  10. "I Want You Back - Z-Trip Remix" - The Jackson 5
    A classic, made 200% more funky with a new backbeat and bassline.
  11. "Yes Yes Yes (Eric Enger Remix)" - Elsinore
    Local (to me) band who got a very head-nod-able facelift.
  12. "BIT RATE VARIATIONS IN B-FLAT (Girl - remix by Paza)" - Beck
    A familiar Beck song that got the Nintendo tune-up.
  13. "Black Widow - Vice Remix" - Iggy Azalea
    A crunchy remix with one of the best bass drops in recent memory.