1. Oh, god, that looks easy and delicious. Let me watch it one more time.
  2. Yeah, I could definitely make that. What was the dish called again? Let me rewind it.
  3. Ok, yeah, I can definitely make that. And, I think I have all the ingredients except for—what was it—Cream of Tartar, maybe? Better rewatch.
  4. Yeah, Cream of Tartar. Ok, let's play it one more time and I'll just follow along here with my ingredients. Step one, cream the butter and sugar and then...wait...rewind.
  5. Ok, cream the butter and sugar. Let's pause it here.
  6. Wait, what size dish are they using? Did they say? Rewind.
  7. They didn't say. Ok, back to making it. Yada, yada, yada...already saw this part. Lemme just fast forward here...
  8. Nope, too far. Back.
  9. Nope, too far. Ugh. I'll just watch this part again.
  10. Okay, next step. Wait, what are they doing there? Beating in the eggs or folding them in? BEATING OR FOLDING?
  11. I know, I'll take a screenshot and then reverse image search this on Google for an answer.
  12. *28 re-watches later*
  13. Done! I can't believe people used to cook stuff without Facebook videos.