Who says I'm not religious? #Parenthood #Religion
  1. May you find a Twitter handle that is low key your aesthetic.
  2. May your next President not be a racist, sexist, war-monger with terrible hair.
  3. May you learn to be content with Aldi brands.
  4. May you discover your bodies before rich, white men teach you.
  5. May you never feel beholden to rooting for a professional sports team.
  6. May you be confident enough to say "thank you" or "f**k you" when people call you weird.
  7. May you see every day as a gift.
  8. May you see every gift as a gift.
  9. (May you know the difference between gifts and obligations.)
  10. May you learn to hold the door for others—not as a romantic gesture, but as the right thing to do.
  11. May you travel enough to know that your home is anywhere and your friends are everywhere.
  12. May you discover that great music doesn't burrow into your ear, it plunges into your heart.
  13. May you jump into every pile of leaves you rake—but then rake them up again and take them to the curb because tomorrow the city comes by to pick them up and I need them off of my lawn.