1. The racist one
  2. The hot misogynist
  3. The one that's exploring their sexuality, but being a real dick about it
  4. The young pup without much life experience
  5. The tightly-wound one who could blow at any second
  6. So-and-so
  7. The promiscuous one that just wants to be loved
  8. The token ethnic one(s)
  9. The singer who takes their career very seriously and sees the show as their big break
  10. The lovable goofball
  11. The one that will, inevitably, end up in the ER due to alcohol poisoning
  12. The one that wasn't cast, but is trying to get famous by visiting their friend in the house on episode seven
  13. The one that put their finger in the peanut butter
  14. The jock who doesn't know that no means no
  15. The boring one that was a poor casting choice by MTV