#SPOILERS ABOUND: John Snow knows something, he's just been keeping it to himself. #TV
  1. His luxurious hair is all CGI.
  2. Winter's *technically* coming, but it's still a ways away.
  3. He took the last Coke from the break room fridge, but blamed it on Gary.
  4. John Snow's wolf, Ghost, wasn't actually a rescue, and he's not sure why he started telling people that at the party last night.
  5. Ygritte was just his side wildling.
  6. He started the nickname "White Walkers," was too embarrassed to say anything when he found out they could run.
    Like, pretty fast, too.
  7. His sword is *like* Valyrian steel, but technically just made by the same company.
  8. Honestly, he thought the Night's Watch was going to be a lot more paperwork with, like, an occasional overnight shift.