Sure, you made his hotline bling. But you used to do other things. #Music
  1. You used to cookie-cutter Play-Doh.
  2. You used to Caillou on the down low.
  3. You used to chalk outline his shadow.
  4. You used to post memes of his cat, Flo.
  5. You used to prank call Colorado.
  6. You used to candy yams with 'mallows.
  7. You used to comb his hair in cornrows.
  8. You used to knead a little scone dough.
  9. You used to pause Star Wars on Lando.
  10. You used to calmly line-up dominoes.
  11. You used to sneak in on your tip-toes.
  12. You used to dance in San Francisco
    Suggested by @danika
  13. You used to find Carmen Sandiego
    Suggested by @gagneet
  14. Lecture me on ozone / Make fun of my ring tone / Eat all of my Ho Hos / Hate when ET phoned home / Act like you was grown, grown / Beg me for a car loan / Fuss about Black Snake Moan / Sculpt your own garden gnomes / Fixate on Emma Stone / Knock me off of my throne
    Suggested by @lucas00