Because Li.stocracy. Please sign below. Note: by signing this petition, you are also indicating that you would like to have Justin Bieber deported back to Canada and paper editions of yellow pages outlawed and pot legalized everywhere. #List
  1. Static
  2. I support this
    Suggested by @dubraker
  3. I will sign anything to get rid of paper yellow pages!
    Suggested by @kiraandlulu
  4. I support all of the points of this petition!
    Suggested by @kate81
  5. *scrawls her name*🖍
    Suggested by @Starmist
  6. I support the bot! ✏
    Suggested by @kattradio
  7. I support this, yes!
    Suggested by @elmospimpingme
  8. Ask not what the list app can do for you, but what you can do for the list app! I am gus and I approve this list.
    Suggested by @gus7464
  9. I'm mostly here for the legal pot, but I can get behind all of these things! 💯✍🏼 Signed!
    Suggested by @NumbahTwo
  10. I'm so in.
    Suggested by @ladygoggog
  11. ✍🏼 yas
    Suggested by @elissapoletti