@bjnovak, here's the final list we discussed. #Brands #List
  1. Because writers are the REAL celebrities!
  2. The to-do list of your life!
  3. Where NPR nerds come to relax.
  4. Step to us, and you'll get a bullet. Actually, several bullets. [urban markets]
  5. No, you're obsessive-compulsive!
  6. Mostly librarians, a few celebrities, and you!
  7. List THIS, m*****f****r!
  8. The tote bag of social media.
  9. Get your sh*t together, Brian! [Brian markets]
  10. Where grammar still matters.
  11. Stop! Collaborate and List App
    Suggested by @beingholli
  12. "Make Lists Great Again"
    Too soon?
    Suggested by @kate81
  13. Buzzfeed for Hipsters
    Suggested by @jbg
  14. Your list is on my list.
    To the tune of Kiss On My List by Hall & Oates
    Suggested by @sarahmccoy
  15. Tinder lets you down, The List App lifts you up
    Suggested by @kate81
  16. "Listing away, in Margaritaville"
    To be sung. To a certain demographic.
    Suggested by @edge
  17. If you don't like the features, just wait an update!
  18. Bullets are for lists!
    Suggested by @notme
  19. This is not the B list!
    Suggested by @notme
  20. Li.st housekeeping for your crack head.
    Suggested by @notme
  21. Li.st OCD support group
    Suggested by @notme
  22. Like Adderall without a script!
    Suggested by @notme
  23. Th li.st... your new mistress
    Suggested by @cmschoder
  24. Don't be listless.
    Suggested by @celinerogers
  25. Oh how I love thee, let me list the ways.
    Suggested by @celinerogers