Hollywood gets me. #Film #Pete
  1. My Facebook Feed
    The Purge: Election Year
  2. My Spotify Playlist, One Day After Halloween
    Ghostbusters *reboot*
  3. My Friends, If Trump Wins on November 8
    Suicide Squad
  4. When I Hear That Tickets for 'Rogue One' Go On Sale November 7
    Me Before You
  5. How I Assume Republicans will 'Fix' This Rigged Election
    Independence Day: Resurgence
  6. When I Send the 'Good' Daughter to Check on the 'Naughty' Daughters
    The Infiltrator
  7. After I Fix My Parents' FaceTime
    Now You See Me 2
  8. How I Describe the Sample Station in Sam's Club that Offered Me a Second Meatball
    The Nice Guys
  9. When I See That Someone Dressed Their Kid Up as a 'Black Mirror' Character for Halloween
    Bad Moms
  10. When I Have to Decide Between an Accountant and a Jock for my Pub Trivia Team
    The Accountant
  11. Another Way I Assume Republicans will 'Fix' This Rigged Election
    Captain America: Civil War
  12. My Root Canal Safe Word
  13. When I Try to Recall My Favorite Wilco Album
    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot