You had to know this was coming: a futile shortlist of names for our new (male) cat, as if I had any say in the matter at all. A dude can dream. (Cat for scale.) #SadWhiteDude
  1. Static
  2. Aaron Purr
  3. Tomcat Selleck
  4. Clawrl Winslow
  5. Purr Hapley
  6. Donald Tramp
  7. Cat Damon
  8. Meowls Davis
  9. Furball Kint
  10. Paw Newman
  11. Purrnie Sanders
  12. Jonathan Tailor Tomcat (JTT)
  13. Whiskered Milhouse Nixon
  14. Purrcules
  15. Yusuf Islam
  16. Dr. Catz
  17. BONUS: check out the lady-cat names that @MegRogers came up with, also as useless in the eyes of our girls: Lady-Cat Names