If you get my meaning. #SadWhiteDude
  1. Gerrymandering the district
  2. Pairing your Bluetooth devices
  3. Taking the uberPOOL to business-after-hours-town
  4. Choking the mower on a clump of wet lawn
  5. Getting all up on some guac
  6. Dropping the kids off at the community pool for their after-school lessons
  7. Scrolling the 'ol Twitter thread
  8. Hosing down the generator
  9. Cheating on your cleanse
  10. Perusing the Subarus
  11. Filing for an extension
  12. Downloading your expansion pack
  13. Scrubbing that .WAV file SO HARD
  14. Bottling your microbrew
  15. Flappy Bird-ing
  16. Deep-frying your butter
  17. Charging the Nano
  18. Sorting the recyclables
  19. Dumping you browser cache
  20. Shuttering the List App