Now you, too, can experience the look of a sad, white dude through the magic of Snapchat! #SadWhiteDude #Tech
  1. Virtual reality headset filter
    Imagine seeing people and things in 3D!
  2. Bushy, unkempt beard filter
    Add your own food crumbles!
  3. 8-bit, pixellated sunglasses filter
    Tell the world to "deal with it"!
  4. Bushy, unkempt eyebrows filter
    Add your own food crumbles!
  5. SPONSORED: Turtle Beach® gaming headset with microphone filter
    Imagine talking to real people and things!
  6. Bushy, unkempt Bieber hair filter
    It even flutters when you whip!
  7. DISCONTINUED: Google Glass™ filter
    These were almost cool in 2014!