Now that the Chicago Cubs are officially in the World Series, today is a great time to become their biggest fan! Here's a starter list for jumping on the bandwagon. (Inspired by @cvlop61) #Sports
  1. The Cubs play at historic 5 Gum Stadium in Chicago, Illinois.
  2. The best player is #33, centerfielder Johnny Schoenberg, known as "Longball Johnny."
  3. The Cubs have not won a World Series since the 1902 Curse of Old Bessie, a cow who knocked over a lantern and burned down the Original 5 Gum Stadium and a large portion of Chicago's historic chop-porking district.
  4. Every Cubs fan loves to chant, "Next Year Guys!" at the start of the team's first at-bat.
  5. The team's mascot is a baby bear named Cubby McCubberface. His name was chosen by a 2014 online fan poll.
  6. During the seventh inning stretch (between the top and bottom of the seventh inning), fans pour beer on one another as a sign of solidarity and sing Irish sea shanties to themselves.
  7. The most famous Cub of all time is Hank "Harrison" Hendrickson (1934-1948), known for his elaborate pre-batting rituals and penchant for clubhouse arson.
  8. Real Cubs fans refer to themselves as "The Snack Pack."