1. Full-sized candy bars
    You are a generous and fully actualized human.
  2. Fun-sized candy bars
    You are thrifty but considerate and your variety of choice does not go unnoticed.
  3. Popcorn balls
    YOUR DOWN-HOME GRANDMA SCHTICK ISN'T WORKING ANYMORE, MARTHA. Time to turn over the reigns or turn off the light.
  4. Orange and black peanut butter taffies
    You have provided a candy that is actually more of a decoration. While your candy selection is on-theme, it is also on-brand for you and that brand is cheapskate.
  5. Boxes of raisins
    Your healthy lifestyle is negated by your naïveté towards the holiday. Keep your lights off next year.
  6. Banana Laffy Taffy
    You're fine. We were just the last trick-or-treaters to your house, obviously.