YES, I have the Internet. #Pete #Science
  1. How tax deductions figure into the final tax total
  2. If it's pronounced EEE-conomics or EHH-conomics
  3. How to receive snaps from someone other than Snapchat on holidays
  4. What to do now that my oil change sticker fell off and blew away
  5. Whether getting skim milk in my venti mocha really even matters, really
  6. If Pluto is a planet and, if not, what to call it
  7. If Yeezy is one of Kanye's nicknames or the wife on The Jeffersons
  8. What the action of pressing that floppy disk icon on the List App is called
  9. Who the boss is
  10. What the dilly is, yo
  11. Where the beef is
  12. When in Rome
  13. How soon now is