Gotta start early, people. #ListPurgatory #Holidays #Music
  1. The entire Vince Guaraldi Trio catalog
  2. That Toby Keith song about being a patriot and kicking some ISIS ass
  3. Donald Drumpf speeches
  4. The "Christmas Shoes" song, backwards
    You know, wherein the mom comes back to life, takes off her Christmas shoes, and gives them to her son who returns them to the store.
  5. Alvin and the Chipmunks Greatest Hits, pitch-shifted so they sound like normal people
  6. A supercut of Fran Drescher laughing
  7. That U2 album that came free on everyone's iPod
  8. Gilbert Gottfried covering "Hamilton"
  9. Ben Carson covering "Hamilton"
  10. Smoke detectors that are nearly out of battery