1. ā€¢
    Please, call me Taylor. "Miss Swift" is the name of my forthcoming album.
  2. ā€¢
    Real quick, could I get your John Hancock on this non-disclosure agreement? This section is a non-compete clause. And then down here just states that I may use anything I learn from you about Tom in an upcoming diss track. Pretty standard.
  3. ā€¢
    Oh, no thank you. I only eat things that are inorganic.
  4. ā€¢
    (Sorry, I'm contractually obligated to whisper when not on stage or on set.)
  5. ā€¢
    What a great house you have! Where is your oxygen bar?
  6. ā€¢
    Do you have any hobbies, Mrs. Hiddleston, or would you say you just keep it Loki?
    (TOM! GET IN HERE! I just made an Avengers joke!)
  7. ā€¢
    Oh, my parents? They're very down to earth. Well, you know, not literally, since I bought them that moon bungalow...
  8. ā€¢
    So, do you have a squad yet, Mrs. H?
  9. ā€¢
    Well, it was great meeting you. I'd better get back to my producer.
  10. ā€¢
  11. ā€¢