At Charmin®, we think the way a couple treats their BUTTS says a lot about their relationship. Take this short quiz with a loved one to see whether you will ROLL on forever or WIPE out after a few months. #Brands #Science
  1. Do you roll your toilet over the top or up from the bottom?
  2. When you shop for toilet paper, do you squeeze it first?
  3. Who buys the toilet paper in your relationship? How much do you have to spend? Where do you shop? When do you shop?
  4. What's the lowest ply you can live with?
  5. Would you blow your nose with it if you ran out of Kleenex®?
  6. Which is worse when exiting the bathroom: leaving some on the bottom of your shoe or the inside of your crack?
  7. What's the right number of rolls to adequately TP a house?
  8. Are either of you remotely interested in toilet paper that smells like bacon?
  9. Which best describes your wiping experience?
    A) Usually clean as a whistle down there. B) Can never quite get it all. C) I wipe so hard, my fingers regularly make contact with my moon. D) It's like wiping peanut butter through a shag carpet.
  10. Thanks for taking our quiz!
    And remember, Charmin® is spelled like "charming," but we sell disposable ass towelettes!™