Trigger Warning: some of these are only appropriate in the confines of an imaginary locker room. #Politics
  1. Yuuuuuge
    Alt: Yuge
  2. Gina
    Asian country. Or continent, not sure.
  3. Loser
    Anyone who doesn't do so much winning, all Democrats, most GOP, Bobby DeNiro.
  4. Bigly
    Alt: Big League
  5. P*ssyhandle
    Proper way to shake a woman you've just met.
  6. Lightweight
    Any candidate who can't debate while high on pure cocaine.
  7. Nasty Woman
    Alt: Woman (It's okay, he's women's biggest supporter—after all, HE'S MARRIED TO ONE.)
  8. C*ckblogger
    These Reddit nerds trying to rat out his cheat game.
  9. Bad Hombre
    Any man of any nationality who might be a rapist or a drug dealer from Mexico.
  10. Rigged Election
    Alt: Typical Election
  11. Bumhumper
    Any one of the 99%.
  12. The Blacks
    A family he knows, perhaps?