1. "Icy Arnie was totally out of control, the problem with Obamacare. Bad doctor, addicted to cryogenics. #DefundGotham"
  2. "Arnold is such a loser of a dad. Could never find a Turbo Man. I have hundreds of Turbo Men for Barron."
  3. "Why does he keep denying having a tumor? Obviously SICK. Not qualified for office or policing kindergarteners."
  4. "Very interested to see WEAK Arnold's sequel, Conan the Crybabian. BIG loser! And you know what they say about guys who carry big swords!"
  5. "What a whack job: WEAK Arnold thinks he's a spy on Mars. WRONG! Construction worker. Mars money going to Great Wall (for the sake of describing this speedierly) now."
  6. "Snowflake Arnold has no clue. @DannyDaVito obviously the smarter one. Fleeced for $1 million. SAD!"
  7. "Criminal game show contestant Arnold CLUELESS. "Butcher of Bakersfield" is totally DULL! Apprentice brought in much higher ratings."
  8. "Arnold & geriatric pals too old to be blowing stuff up. More like UNWATCHABLES."
  9. Not even @CameronCrowe and the very funny @TomArnold (a personal friend) can save WEAK Arnold's marriage (check out bedroom dance scene and past)