Wherein I describe the very moment terrible business decisions were made. #CasualFuturism #Work
  1. "Hey, Barry, what if we started putting a 20-second rap into the middle of EVERY pop song? Yeah, every single one."
  2. "There's no WAY people would spend $20 for popcorn! For a 2-hour movie? Well, we can try it..."
  3. "Then I got to thinking, maybe people aren't coming in because they can't HEAR our car commercial. Let's try cranking up the volume."
  4. "So I call over to BreadCo® and I say, 'Just because we're making 10 hotdogs to a package doesn't mean you can't keep making 8 buns to a package.'"
  5. "Hey Miley, check out this hilarious foam finger! Ridiculous, right? Sure, you can borrow it."