1. To write down all of her passwords.
  2. To suggest homemade remedies for the cold I don't actually have.
  3. To remind me to say "three nice things" about Donald Trump (or anyone, to be sure) after my last scathing list.
  4. To post photos of full print articles for everyone to read.
  5. To tell me she's proud of me having so many "interesting Web friends!"
  6. To post reminders to herself that she has pickleball this afternoon at 4.
  7. To post that photo of me at 5 in the laundry basket with a litter of puppies. Again.
  8. To ask my father, who would never be on Li.st, to check the roast.
  9. To like and re-list every single list that's been posted over the past 1.5 years and offer a word of praise to each of you.
    (Yes, that's where I get it from.)
  10. ❤️