I mean, not *anything* anything. But you can ask me some things. #Brands
  1. Static
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  4. Did you only get one? How does this work for family sharing of the toilet that has the squatty potty?
    This is a serious thing I think about all the time
    Suggested by @sarahte
  5. @sarahte We only got the one, for testing purposes...we're beta-squatting. And, technically, it was a gift for @MegRogers. It resides in a common bathroom on the main floor, where everyone has a chance to squat.
  6. Do you have to take your shoes off?
    Suggested by @marykathryn
  7. @marykathryn Shoes, no. Pants, yes.
  8. Do you see benefits from the squatty potty that one would not get from just putting a normal stool near the toilet?
    Suggested by @sarahte
  9. @sarahte Well, you'd need a stool wide enough for a good squat. And, the cutout of TSP allows for easy storage under the chamber and means your feet are located back far enough to allow for a proper squat. If your feet are too far forward, you're just ski-jumping.
  10. Hmm how I'm his hasn't been ask yet: Does it work ?
    Suggested by @Lisa_Fav
  11. @Lisa_Fav Yes, sorta. Things come out a bit quicker, but not necessarily any cleaner. You know, the official metrics of pooping. In conclusion, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .
  12. Years ago I read that the best position is to sit and lean forward as if you're reading a newspaper that's on the floor. Isn't that what TSP does, but for more money?
    Suggested by @pili_ervin
  13. @pili_ervin You, sir, have won the Internet today. I tip my overpriced and unnecessary hat to you. 🎩👌
  14. @pili_ervin UPDATE: Apparently, there is a difference in the way the colon "aligns". And scrunching your stomach impedes this? Maybe? Science.
  15. Similar to the "Does it work?" question, is it worth using? Or does it feel like a hassle to pull it out when you need it and you could see yourself just skipping it in the future?
    Suggested by @justjills
  16. @justjills That's hard to say, just a week in. I think the novelty hasn't worn off yet, so I'm feeling good about it. A month in? Who knows.
  17. I have a friend who has had one for a couple years. Swears by them and says pooping has never been the same. This isn't a question. Just a statement. He also likes butt plugs too. Good luck with that.
    Suggested by @marginally_amazing
  18. We have one and I love it and honestly I'm so happy for you guys. Best wishes for your eliminations
    Suggested by @k8mcgarry
  19. @k8mcgarry THAT'S'T'I'M TALKIN' BOUT!
    #squatties4lyfe #squatlife
    "I'm the one who squats!"
  21. Assuming it was a gift from you... did you purchase it with dignity online or proudly buy it in person? Did the cashier try to discuss? Did you prepare for possible questions? 😬
    Suggested by @victralala
  22. @victralala Online, with dignity. But I have to tell you, when the box arrives and there's a golden, cardboard Squatty Potty crown inside, you can't help but blurt out, "Oh, shit!"
  23. Will you take it with you when you go away on vacation? Will you become squatty potty dependent? Are you worried about that?
    Suggested by @pathb
  24. @pathb Probably never. It's still a bit unwieldy, hard to pack. Plus, most of the places I'd like to vacation have already figured out squat-shatting.
  25. Which is your favorite Golden Girl? Why?
    Suggested by @Boogie
  26. @Boogie Is this a trick? This feels like a trick. Is there a joke answer? PEE Arthur? POO McClanahan? Cuz it's actually Betty White, who reminds me of my mom.
  27. Can we see you wearing the gold squatty crown?
    If this was a joke I'm sorry.
    Suggested by @e
  28. @e Not a joke. But the crown (think Long John Silver's pirate hat) is a hot commodity at our house and likely at the bottom of some bottomless dress-up box somewhere.
  29. When you walk through bed bath and beyond and see the wooden hand carved squatty potty does it make you feel inadequate?
    Asking for a friend...
    Suggested by @sar_marieee
  30. @sar_marieee You are describing an activity In largely unfamiliar with. However, it sounds like your "friend" may be dealing with some unresolved childhood issues.
  31. If I'm reading this while constipated, does that constitute as irony?
    Suggested by @e
  32. @e "It's like raaaaaiiiiiinnnnnn..."
  33. Which creature would be more adept at using a Squatty Potty: a vampire, a werewolf, a ventriloquist or a mime?
    And why?
    Suggested by @andersun
  34. @andersun Easy: werewolf. You literally can't use the Squatty Potty without howling at the same time. Also, some users have reported the urge to kick dirt on their stools.
  35. Have there been any unintentional yet hilarious consequences to familial conversational misunderstandings around the "toilet stool" homonym?
    Suggested by @andersun
  36. @andersun "Stool" is provincial term that we steer away from at our house. But, we've had many a laugh over confusion with the phrase "a steaming pile."
  37. Do you have to hover using it? (Like a deep squat lmfao) or is ur booty on da seat?
    Suggested by @aliciamcelhaney
  38. @aliciamcelhaney There's definitely cheek on seat. But, CONSUMER WARNING, depending on the fill of your bowl and the deepness of your squat, 🚨IT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOUR CHEEKS TO SPLASH.🚨
  39. Sooo...the Squatty P (it's rap name btw) has me intrigued. We're competitive at our house. Everyone getting excited about the new toy and now it's a contest to see who 'does it' best. Has that happened at your house? 😐
    Half kidding...😝
    Suggested by @angela3950
  40. @angela3950 Not remotely. Even with three girls, there seems to be an earnestness and a sacredness to using TSP. Family members exit the bathroom with a simple nod and a knowing smile.
  41. Between this and a bidet attachment, would you recommend this? Do you think they could both work? Or would it to lead some hilarious situation where @pili_ervin is sprayed right over onto his floor newspaper?
    Suggested by @theranman
  42. @theranman Yeah, I would try for both. Like I mentioned earlier, the thing I notice most is the speed of evacuation. As for cleanliness, it's more like a soft serve dispenser with a little too much air in the tube.*
  43. * I have no idea how soft serve machines work.
  44. How is the crown at the bottom of a bottomless box?! Help!!!!
    Suggested by @Boogie
  45. @Boogie Well, I don't know why there aren't any grapes or nuts in my Grapenuts, but we all move on, now, don't we?
  46. @Jakes Oh, the cat knows all too well. But to address your concern, anyone who dares join you in the Johnny Crapper mid-squat is at risk. It's that easy.
  47. If there was a folding, travel version, would you bring it with you on vacation? Or, say, to The Olive Garden? To work?
    Suggested by @pili_ervin
  48. @pili_ervin If there's one place where the world needs a travel version of the Squatty Potty, it's at Olive Garden.