Top five pics on my Instagram

  1. 1.
    Me and Lizzy! :)
    The simplicity of the photo is what makes it so good. The sky is so blue. The rocks are so gray. The little shrubbery goes almost unnoticed in this brilliantly basic picture, which so easily focuses on the friendship between me and Lizzy. Those looks are not acting, we are just genuinely smiling. Also, my fit is fresh af. The boots? My calfs? The backwards Nike hat? Forget it. Also Lizzy's shorts are funny.
  2. 2.
    The good old U S of A.
    Damn. This pic is so fucking American. Holy shit. I can just imagine the founding fathers tearing up at this. You show me a pickup baseball game on the White House front lawn and I'll show you this shit. A beautiful sunset, a beautiful flag, and some small town, USA football. Fuck I'm hard. Go USA. This was also my first pic to hit 100 likes.
  3. 3.
    Look at that all those flags
    The friendship, the sun, the shadows, the US flags, the green grass, the white pillar, and of course, the Vineyard Vines. What a beautiful picture! The vibrant colors and general sense of freedom in this pic is so damn American. Look at that fucking sky. Makes me want to do an eagle screech. CAWWWW!
  4. 4.
    Oh..oh my go.. is that a FRESH ASS NIKE HOODIE? FUCKKKKK THAT SHIT IS SEXY!! Is that ONE WORLD TRADE being OVERSHADOWED by that MOTHERFUCKING NIGGA PETER! OH FUCK YEAH IT IS! Look at that skyline. That motherfucking Manhattan. Look at that caption, what a tool! Even that boy Darius liked it. He's a god damn state champ. That's my second most liked picture I do believe. Fuck yeah.
  5. 5.
    I BEARly lived to post this one
    I saw a fucking bear that day, but the real beast was me. Look at this shit. I wonder what he's looking at. I wonder what he's thinking. Is that.. a.. backwards LEE HIGH HAT?! Omg I'm wet. Good shit Pete. How many shades of blue are in that sky. Litterally cock me down. What a way to round out he top five.