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I come from a traditional Greek family. Think my big fat Greek wedding... It's frighteningly biographical.
  1. Despite the fact that I am in a doctor I am not a "REAL DOCTOR"
    Without the letters MD or DO after my name, my degree is irrelevant.
  2. I'm a lazy cook
    I can cook. Actually, I'm a pretty good cook. I tend to make things up as I go and typically my dishes turn out well. I just choose to eat pre-made meals and take-out... Like I said lazy... Which leads me to
  3. How will I ever cook for my husband and family if I don't even cook for myself?
    Self-explanatory. Which leads me to...
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I had the opportunity of a lifetime in #southafrica
  1. I left for an adventure in South Africa
    Drove myself 2 hours to the airport at 2 AM for my 6 AM flight.
  2. I spent the entire month of August 2014 in the Cape Town area on a pharmacy rotation
  3. We worked 2 weeks with a care organization who did home visits.
    Nearly all the women we worked withhad no medical training. The head of the that branch was a nurse who had worked in a few hospitals in the area.
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As a pharmacist, I have racked up several favorite medications for various reasons - some sentimental, some with back stories, some for absolutely no reason at all. Here is A non-inclusive list of those medications and why I enjoy them.
  1. Diphenhydramine
    The generic of Benadryl. This is the first medication order I verified as a licensed pharmacist. It just has sentimental value.
  2. Warfarin
    The way warfarin was discovered is pretty incredible. It was originally used as rat poison (killed rats by causing them to bleed to death) but the therapeutic uses helped it to become one of the most studied drugs in the world. Also, making a recommendation about this drug for a patient earned me a cookie as a student - forever known as the warfarin cookie.
  3. Acetaminophen
    One of the most common drugs around the world. It's the first drug I memorized the pediatric dosing. Also, the most commonly overdosed drug in the world. Please don't try to kill yourself with acetaminophen! It is a horribly slow and painful death.
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I have a lovely habit of binge watching shows on Netflix one right after the other then restarting the list. I have very, very little time to dedicate to new shows so this is how I watch. In no particular order:
  1. The Office
  2. 30 Rock
  3. Scrubs
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  1. The King and I
    Love the movie. But I've never seen it on stage
  2. Beautiful
    Love Carole King. Love Sara Bareilles. Need to see this one.
  3. Chicago
    Again, seen the movie (which I love) but not the stage version.
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  1. "I just feel crappy all the time"
  2. "Ugh... No energy to do anything. At all"
  3. "Ugh... No motivation to do anything. At all"
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As a pharmacist I have a huge issue with the biased and incomplete world of medication advertising. Drug companies spend more money on ads in the US than any other country. If this expense was decreased, maybe just maybe drug costs could be decreased... Just a thought.
  1. People (patients and prescribers alike) are not getting all of the information.
    Not every patient is a candidate for every drug. There are patients who should not take medications for various reasons but the commercial doesn't give you that info. Also, drug companies are required to list major side effects but they do so in a way that makes it seem like it's not a big deal or so fast at the end you can't understand.
  2. Patients go to the doctor's office and demand medication instead of the doctor deciding what's best.
    I've seen many patients tell their doctor that they saw a commercial for fill-in-the-blank pill for their disease and they won't leave until they get a prescription for it. I've also seen many doctors give into this. This is not how medicine should work. Physicians go through school, residency, fellowships to learn how to diagnose and what to prescribe it should not be up to the patient.
  3. There is no pricing information on commercials.
    Or if there is, it's an extreme discount that only applies to 1/100000 patients. Having been on the receiving end of many fits thrown by patients about the price of medications this is a big deal to me. Brand medications are the ones advertised. Brand medications are also (almost always) more expensive than genetics.
I'm a licensed pharmacist working in a hospital. My family assumes my doctorate is universal and takes advantage of asking for my medical expertise whenever I'm home.
  1. Do you think they should up grandma's antidepressant?
    This is the first Christmas without my grandfather who passed a few weeks ago. My grandma is handling it well for having lost her love for over 60 years. Other family members think that increasing antidepressants will automatically make the grieving process easier. That's not really how this works...
  2. My dog is losing his vision. Will these vitamins help?
    My uncle's dog has diabetes and is starting to lose his sight. He believes that vitamins he bought will help reverse the damage. I'm a pharmacist for humans. I honestly don't know...
  3. I'm taking (fill in the blank med). It's alright if I drink some wine, right?
    This is a loaded question. I'm set up for failure every single time. Most of my family members should not be drinking but regardless of what I tell them, they are going to do whatever they want.
  4. My stomach is upset. What should I take??
    Ugh. I need to start charging people for advice....
I've been emotionally labile for the past several weeks so there are a lot of things that have induced emotional meltdowns...
  1. The memorial dance for Hubbell on Bunheads
    This amazing show was canceled after just one season. In the premiere episode, Hubbell dies. In episode 2 the dancers choreograph an dance in his honor. These are young girls dancing for their teacher's son. Meltdown level: 3
  2. 4 year old boy plays Santa at children's hospital where he is admitted
    My Facebook feed has been blowing up with stories about a local boy who has relapsed cancer. There is never a good time for this to happen, but the holidays are particularly difficult. In order to spread Christmas cheer, he dressed up as Santa and went to his fellow patients' rooms to wish them and their families and happy holiday season. Meltdown level: 6
  3. Veteran becomes organ donor and receives a proper send off by family and honor guard
    Another Facebook video that showed a veteran (who was pronounced brain dead) being wheeled to the OR for an organ harvest. The gurney was lead and followed by a member of the honor guard, respectively. The hall was lined with the vet's family and hospital staff. The organs being donated were going to 2 vets which set me completely over the edge. Thank you to this man for so selflessly fighting for our country and saving the lives of others through organ donation. Meltdown level: 9.5
  4. When the old man dies in The Longest Ride
    Honestly I give this movie maybe 0.5 stars. But when Alan Alda's character dies I was all tears. Meltdown level: 4