As a pharmacist I have a huge issue with the biased and incomplete world of medication advertising. Drug companies spend more money on ads in the US than any other country. If this expense was decreased, maybe just maybe drug costs could be decreased... Just a thought.
  1. People (patients and prescribers alike) are not getting all of the information.
    Not every patient is a candidate for every drug. There are patients who should not take medications for various reasons but the commercial doesn't give you that info. Also, drug companies are required to list major side effects but they do so in a way that makes it seem like it's not a big deal or so fast at the end you can't understand.
  2. Patients go to the doctor's office and demand medication instead of the doctor deciding what's best.
    I've seen many patients tell their doctor that they saw a commercial for fill-in-the-blank pill for their disease and they won't leave until they get a prescription for it. I've also seen many doctors give into this. This is not how medicine should work. Physicians go through school, residency, fellowships to learn how to diagnose and what to prescribe it should not be up to the patient.
  3. There is no pricing information on commercials.
    Or if there is, it's an extreme discount that only applies to 1/100000 patients. Having been on the receiving end of many fits thrown by patients about the price of medications this is a big deal to me. Brand medications are the ones advertised. Brand medications are also (almost always) more expensive than genetics.