I've been emotionally labile for the past several weeks so there are a lot of things that have induced emotional meltdowns...
  1. The memorial dance for Hubbell on Bunheads
    This amazing show was canceled after just one season. In the premiere episode, Hubbell dies. In episode 2 the dancers choreograph an dance in his honor. These are young girls dancing for their teacher's son. Meltdown level: 3
  2. 4 year old boy plays Santa at children's hospital where he is admitted
    My Facebook feed has been blowing up with stories about a local boy who has relapsed cancer. There is never a good time for this to happen, but the holidays are particularly difficult. In order to spread Christmas cheer, he dressed up as Santa and went to his fellow patients' rooms to wish them and their families and happy holiday season. Meltdown level: 6
  3. Veteran becomes organ donor and receives a proper send off by family and honor guard
    Another Facebook video that showed a veteran (who was pronounced brain dead) being wheeled to the OR for an organ harvest. The gurney was lead and followed by a member of the honor guard, respectively. The hall was lined with the vet's family and hospital staff. The organs being donated were going to 2 vets which set me completely over the edge. Thank you to this man for so selflessly fighting for our country and saving the lives of others through organ donation. Meltdown level: 9.5
  4. When the old man dies in The Longest Ride
    Honestly I give this movie maybe 0.5 stars. But when Alan Alda's character dies I was all tears. Meltdown level: 4