In August 2015 I had a minor heart attack. I am now limited to 1500 mg of Sodium and 10 grams of saturated fat per day. No more than 750 mg of sodium in any one meal. This significantly limits my restaurant options. This list is to share what I've found and hopefully hear updates from others.
  1. Red Lobster
    The salmon and swordfish on the fresh catch menu work great. You have to ask for no salt in the prep of their side items though. Who the hell rolls a baked potato in salt anyway?
  2. Ruby Tuesday
    Salmon - and their small steaks. They have a salad bar, so you can take control of your side items easily.
  3. Applebee's
    Not a damned thing. I have a $50 gift card that is now useless.
  4. IHOP
    Egg white omelettes. They used to have a healthy menu, but let's face it - if you're at IHOP you probably wound up there...
  5. Subway
    6" roast beef, no cheese and fresh vegetables. 6" roast chicken. Chopped salad with tuna.
  6. Hothead burritos
    One of their meats, but I can't remember which one. They are lower sodium than Chipotle.
  7. McDonalds
    If forced I can eat an Egg White delight. But I generally give the "Canadian Bacon" to the dog.
  8. Frisch's
    Chili spaghetti. This might be Cincinnati only - and you can only eat half of it - but they have the fruit and salad bar, so I can get my money's worth. Sort of.
  9. La Rosa's (Cincinnati area only)
    They have a Healthy4U pizza, but I go with their spaghetti and meat sauce. You get a ton of it - and it comes with salad. Eat half and take the other half home for later.