1. Slow drivers in the passing lane
    If someone behind you wants to drive faster than you...MOVE OUT OF THEIR WAY!
  2. Drivers who don't use turn signals
    Let people know what you are planning to do so they can react accordingly.
  3. Drivers wait until the last possible second to merge before a lane ends
    We know you are just trying to get in front of as many cars as possible...or you're texting and missed the sign
  4. Drivers who pull out in front of you in a hurry but then drive S L O W L Y
    Why couldn't you just wait if you are obviously in no hurry to get anywhere
  5. Drivers who take their damn time going through an intersection regardless of the cars trying to make the green light/green arrow behind them
    I realize that all that matters to you is YOU but maybe you could try to think about other people and how you are affecting them
  6. Tractor trailers that attempt to pass on a hill
    You know you're going to end up driving alongside whatever vehicle you thought you could pass. Just...don't...