The end of the Oregon Trail, the set location of Goonies and Kindergarten Cop, the graveyard of the pacific... That is all Astoria, Oregon and then some. If you plan to visit, do some of these thing.
  1. Morning: Coffee with Sea Lions
    Rise and shine, put on some sneakers and head to Coffee Girl on Pier 39. Grab your favorite coffee, a pre breakfast snack, take in the view then head west on the Riverwalk. You will hear them before you see them, as you run into the sea lions taking over the docks at East Mooring Basin.
  2. Breakfast: the Chef special
    Keep walking west to downtown. Your looking for the Columbian Cafe. Small place, cash only, there will be a wait on the weekends (hence the pre breakfast snack), but the best brunch in town. Only smart people put their taste buds in the hands of the chef.
  3. If Museums are your thing...
    Maritime Museum - will explain the graveyard of the pacific to you. Oregon Film Museum - located in the jail from the Goonies movie. Flavel House - bar pilot, first millionaire in the area, weird family, the place is definitely haunted.
  4. If shopping is your thing...
    Vintage Hardware, Maiden Astoria (favorite shop), Doe & Arrow, Garbo's Vintage Wear, A Gypsy's Whimsy Herbal, Phog Bounders Antique Mall. If your there on a Sunday in the summer, hit up the Sunday Market... Worth it.
  5. If adventure is your thing...
    Check out Clatsop Paddle Company and High Life Aldventures
  6. If nature is your thing...
    Lewis and Clark National Historical Park - tons of trails, educational and fun for the family. Fort Stevens State Park - on the beach, most northern spot in Oregon, home of "the shipwreck," trails and old military bunkers. Astoria Column - best view in town.
  7. If drinking is your thing...
    Brewery crawl: start at Rouge, drop in at Hondo's home brewing, hit up Wet Dog/Astoria Brewing Company, make your way to Buoy Beer, divert to North Coast Distillery (yes they are not a brewery, but they have great booze) and finish at Fort George Brewery with a Vortex IPA.
  8. Lunch: Beer with a view
    Buoy Beer Company built on an old cannery pier. Great views of the Columbia River, delicious classic beers, sweat potato fries and you may spot the occasional sea lion or massive ships sailing by.
  9. Dinner: So many, so little time.
    The Nice Place: Bridgewater Bistro. Ethnic: Drina Daisy (so good). Pizza: Fort George Brewery or Baked Alaska. Seafood and hipster: Albatross (ridiculous)
  10. The local thing(s) do
    Catch a play at the Astor Street Opry Company, drop in at the ARC Arcade to see what games are free that day, catch the 7pm movie at the Columbia Theatre for $3 and sit in the balcony to enjoy beers during the movie (warning, the place is old and very dated which makes it awesome), meat bingo at Mary Todd's on Sunday.