On my blog - http://www.piercedwonderings.com I run a semi-regular series called See Mississippi that highlights places in Mississippi that are filled with unexpected beauty
  1. Old Biloxi City Cemetery.
    This is actually on my list to hit up this weekend. With all the fog we have had lately, I think there could be some awesome shots to be taken here - a little spooky, a little creepy, a little dark. The cemetery itself reminds me a little bit of the ones you might find in New Orleans.
  2. The Crossroads
    The legend is that Robert Johnson sold his soul to the Devil at the Crossroads in order to be a better guitar player. While you are there, you can snap photos of the gorgeous Mississippi Delta - fields & fields of cotton, old buildings, creeks, streams.
  3. Beauvoir
    The last home of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, which includes the home, the Presidential library, and a cemetery for confederate soldiers and their families. If you're lucky, you may even see the small menagerie of animals that are kept to maintain the cemetery grounds.
  4. Gulf Coast Lighthouses
    We have three lighthouses here along the Coast - the Round Island lighthouse in Pascagoula, the Biloxi lighthouse in the middle of Highway 90, and the replica of the Ship Island lighthouse in Gulfport's Jones Park.
  5. Crosby Arboretum
    Located in Picayune, MS the arboretum is an outdoor classroom dedicated to the preservation of the natural Gulf Coast landscape. There are a plethora of trails available to you and a variety of exhibits designed to showcase natural flora and fauna of the region.
  6. The Gypsy Queen's Grave
    Located in Meridian, MS the Gypsy Queen's grave is in Rose Hill Cemetery. Kelly Mitchell died giving birth to a child in 1915 and some 20,000 people came to Meridian to attend her funeral. Take some photos and leave an offering for the late queen.
  7. Lake Mars
    I don't know why it's called Lake Mars other than there is a street in a nearby subdivision beating the name but it's a gorgeous, out-of-the-way location to capture sunsets and sunrises along the water in Ocean Springs.
  8. The All-American Rose Garden
    Located at USM, the All American Rose Garden is a beautiful garden with 32 beds of various varieties of roses. While there are beds throughout the campus, the showstopper is at the front entrance.
  9. Rowan Oak
    Rowan Oak is the home of William Faulkner and is located in Oxford, Mississippi, not far from the Square, another picturesque location in Mississippi.
  10. The Edora Welty House and Gardens
    The home and gardens of one of Mississippi's most famous daughters - Edora Welty - is located in Jackson, near Belhaven University. Ms Welty was an avid gardener so be sure to tour the gardens.