It's Election Day in America!
  1. It is a fundamental right & responsibility of citizenship
  2. We get the government we deserve & too many of have been on the sidelines while politicians make decisions that are in their best interest...not ours.
  3. I'm fed up with 50th. Mississippi is last in so many categories & I'm tired of it. Using my voice to let my legislators know what is important to me is a critical step to making lasting change.
  4. Initiative 42 must pass. The Mississippi legislature has ignore the law which says they must fully fund an adequate education for all children in the state & for too long they have short-changed our children. It has to stop. Now.
  5. Too many people in this country fought for the right to vote. Many died for the right to vote. It would be shameful to not recognize their struggle & sacrifice by not voting.
  6. In too many places, voting rights are being eroded. If I don't vote, I give credence to the disenfranchisement efforts happening here & in other states.
  7. My vote matters. Maybe not in the grand scheme of things because I am blue in a red state but letting my elected officials know that they must represent all of us is important.
  8. I've never missed an election since I started voting at 18. I'm not going to start now.
  9. I want an "I Voted" sticker (can you believe I've never gotten one?!?!)
  10. My Grandma was a poll worker. She would be horrified if I didn't go vote.