An interview with Gordon Ramsey

  1. Pillsbury Doughboy: Gordon, thanks for being here and talking with me.
  2. Gordon Ramsey: I'm happy to be here. Look how happy I am!
  3. PDB: I've heard that you're, um, not always super friendly. Have I heard wrong?
  4. GR: I'm always happy and friendly!
  5. PDB: I'm glad that's cleared up. For starters, what do you like to cook at home?
  6. GR: Just simple food. Nothing fancy. Maybe a little salad.
  7. PDB: Do you hang out with Graham Elliot off the air?
  8. GR: Well...
  9. PDB: What do you think of all the Gordon Ramsey memes?
  10. GR:
  11. PDB: What do you mean?
  12. GR:
  13. PDB: Well you sold me on that concept.
  14. GR: Gordon Ramsey
  15. PDB: But some of them are funny, aren't they?
  16. GR:
  17. PDB: I have to ask. What do you think of Pillsbury Crescents?
  18. GR: So versatile!
  19. PDB: What do you think of other celebrity chefs?
  20. GR:
  21. PDB: What do you think of Bobby Flay?
  22. GR:
  23. PDB: There must be some celebrity chef you really like, right?
  24. GR: Give us a second.
  25. GR: Oh! Of course!