1. Pillsbury Doughboy: Good morning. Here's the deal. Do you really do all that stuff?
  2. Martha Stewart: Oh. Um...what do you mean?
  3. PDB: For example, do you really hand write every copy of all of your cookbooks? That's some impressive handwriting if you do.
  4. MS: I've never claimed to write each copy out by hand. Are you kidding me?
  5. PDB: There's no way you actually have time to arrange these flowers. Right?
  6. MS: No, no, this I did.
  7. PDB: What the heck is this!?!
  8. MS: I was just lounging around and a cameraman happened to be there. No big.
  9. PDB: Okay. That actually seems plausible.
  10. MS: So comfy.
  11. PDB: Is this even a real card game? How many hours are in your days?
  12. MS: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. PDB: Who's the lucky person who gets to celebrate Spring with you?
  14. MS: We've pinky sworn a pact to not go public with our relationship until one of us passes away. Sorry.
  15. PDB: When do you find time to do before / after pictures for your magazine?
  16. MS: That's not me.
  17. PDB: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯