Crescent Roll Tips And Tricks

Tip #1; not pronounced the French way. We're old school!
  1. Personal Apple Pie is sooo easy!
  2. Lay out a crescent, drizzle some melted butter on it, throw down some brown sugar, toss on a bit of cinnamon, then put an apple slice on the big end.
  3. Roll that puppy up and bake it at 350 until it looks like this.
    12 minutesish.
  4. Yeah baby!
  5. Or try Nutella and banana!
  6. Obviously, have a spoonful first
  7. Spread some of that chocolate hazelnut goodness on a crescent roll. Put a chunk of banana on the wide end. Roll that baby up and bake it like the apple pie above.
  8. Who could say no to that?
  9. Buy these beauties by the two pack!
  10. Buy the big ones!
    Because sometimes size does matter!
  11. One regular size crescent roll has only 100 calories!
    And 💯 flavor!
  12. Crescent rolls are vegan!
  13. Jonesing for a quick bite of pizza?
  14. A couple slices of pepperoni and a hunk of string cheese. Roll up and pop 'ER in the oven for a bit. Delish!
  15. Mmmmm