Fast food doesn't have to be terrible for you.
  1. Wendy's:
  2. Get a sour cream and chive baked potato, Caeser side salad and grilled chicken wrap. 840 calories. Ask for a cup for tap water from the soda dispenser.
    Calories for a Baconator sandwich alone? 930!
  3. McDonald's:
  4. Order an artisan grilled chicken salad, and TWO side salads (they're tiny and super low cal!), and again go with Tao water from the soda machine (usually under the lemonade). 390 calories.
    Dressing adds calories, but starting like this you can have a dressing. You can probably stretch one dressing for two salads. Add some salt and pepper to enhance the flavor and make the salad more enjoyable.
  5. Burger King:
  6. Start with a Tendergrill™ chicken sandwich, and skip the mayo, and again get TWO garden side salads. Obvs, tap water, which is so dang healthy for you! 440 calories.
    Same dressing plan as McDonald's. Salt and pepper are your friend.
  7. Pro tip! Put the pepper in the palm of your hand and use the other thumb to kind of crush it up. It freshens the flavors and aromas in the pepper and enhances your food. This doesn't work with salt.
  8. Super pro tip!! You don't need that soda. Get used to drinking tap water, which is as clean and healthy as bottled water nearly everywhere in the US. If local tap water isn't good, bring your own reusable bottle of home filtered tap water.