I'm still waiting for my breakout role on the big screen.
  1. Villain - Ghostbusters.
    This seems so obvious now, but I was worried about being typecast.
  2. Baymax - Big Hero 6.
    Great role, but it would have meant 5 hours in Hair and Makeup every day, before shooting even began.
  3. Darth Vader - Star Wars.
    Voice acting only. I think my voice would have put a major twist in this character.
  4. Farting Guy - Mean Girls.
    Due to a medical condition the actual farts would have had to have been inserted in post. Passing on this was the worst advice my agent has ever given me. What a role!
  5. Edited: May I just say how excited I am to have my first Trending list?! General Mills is super excited about this, too! Thanks everyone.